Standard 24 Months Warranty

This warranty covers the sections, finish and operating mechanism and is intended to cover against latent defects which should have been apparent at time of manufacture only and excludes subsequent damage.


  • ‘Buyer' - the company, firm or person whose order, instruction or letter of intent has been accepted by Swegon Air Management Limited

  • ‘Delivery’ - shall be the date of delivery of the goods to the Buyer

  • ‘Goods’ - the goods to be supplied by Swegon to the Buyer

  • ‘Swegon’ - Swegon Air Management Limited

Warranty Cover: 

  • In respect of the supply of goods only, Swegon warrants to the Buyer that if within the periods of the Warranty the Buyer notifies in written form of an alleged fault arising from the design or manufacture, then subject to due examination and identification of the fault by the Swegon, Swegon will at its own exclusive discretion either repair the fault or replace the component, or replace the complete item.

  • Subject to Swegon Sub-Contract Terms and Conditions of Sale current at date of delivery to the Buyer.

Periods of Warranty: 

  • This warranty shall have effect for 24 months from date of Delivery.

  • All claims must be made in writing within 14 days of the date of discovery of the fault or of the date on which the fault ought reasonably to have been discovered.

The following are excluded from this Warranty:

  • The effects of inadequate and incorrect installation

  • The effects of inadequate, wrong or insufficient maintenance in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance manual.

  • Negligent operation or attempted repairs by any party;

  • The effects of wear and tear or damage.

  • In the case of repair or replacement, the provision, or cost of provision, of access to the work which is the subject of the claim.

  • BMS system related issues.

  • Any consequential costs whatsoever.

The Buyer shall have no right or remedy against Swegon in respect of any alleged defect, whether arising during the 24-month period referred to or otherwise, unless the Buyer has given written notice of the defect to Swegon as soon as the alleged defect became apparent and provided Swegon with the opportunity to remedy the alleged defect in the first instance.

The benefits and obligations accruing to the Buyer under this Warranty may be assigned by the Buyer to one other party at any time within 24 months of the date of delivery, subject to the Buyer giving written notification to Swegon of the identity of the proposed assignee and subject also to the Swegon giving written consent to the proposed assignment. No further assignment shall be permitted.

Where anodized, powder coated or plated finishes are applied to aluminum or steel materials our liability will be strictly in accordance with the terms of guarantee of the applicator of the finish, and our liability will be to supply materials to enable an on-site repair to be carried out, or at our option, to supply new materials providing that:

  • Swegon has acknowledged the materials to be defective all in accordance with the above.

  • Cleaning and maintenance in accordance with the procedures and recommendations have been carried out

  • The product is not used in areas know to be detrimental to the surface finish.

Nothing contained in this warranty shall extend the obligations or liabilities of Swegon beyond the obligations or liabilities contained in Swegon Sub-Contract Terms and Conditions of Sale current at date of delivery to the Buyer.

This Agreement shall be subject to the Laws of England and Wales, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

This Agreement shall be in excess of the Sales of Goods Act 1979.

(ISSUE: 01 / REV: R2 (11/06/18)
(Applies to 'supply of goods only')