Health and Safety

These processes must be undertaken by competent persons. More than one person may be required to ensure the safe handling of large dampers and other materials. Use must be made of access equipment to ensure unsafe practices are not used to approach walls or difficult access areas.

Standard site PPE should be used (minimum steel toe cap boots, hard hat); together with any protective eyewear, gloves and masks, when drilling or cutting is being undertaken. The latter should also be used when handing the wall construction materials, as defined by the material suppliers. If loud equipment is being used, hearing protection should be used.

All waste materials should be collected and disposed of as defined by the relevant supplier.

All wiring should be carried out in accordance with the wiring details provided by the IEE and BS regulations and by a competent person.

Care must be taken when installing and inspecting dampers, as they are likely to close without warning due to loss of electrical power or a temperature rise in the ductwork. This is their prime function.

Do not insert any items, fingers or limbs between the blades.