Commissioning and Periodic Maintenance

As detailed in BS 9999:2008

  1. For dampers this is at least once per year for units with spring operation.
  2. Units operating in dusty atmospheres, should be checked often to suit the severity of the conditions.
  3. Units associated with systems may be required to be checked, as part of the system, as often as once per week or month to ensure ongoing confidence in the life safety system. This may be seen as analogous to fire alarm systems.


  1. The units should be carefully inspected and cleaned of dust and debris.
  2. The units should then be lubricated with a light oil, by wiping this over all the surfaces.
  3. Modes should be operated to ensure that it moves the blades from open to closed and the reverse.
  4. If the end switches (in the mode) are being used, it should be checked that they are actually indicating that the blades are open or closed. This is done by running a cycle and checking both the blades (open and closed) and the indication that the micro switches are feeding back to.