Product Price Book and Pricer

The price book contains Actionair core products in single module size and to the build specification shown in the product literature available on this website.

Each section of this documentation comprises tables for the Damper Product, followed by optional installation frame tables where appropriate and one or more pages of Actuators and/or Accessories.  

Add the individual base damper (apply special material factor), installation frame/accessories and motor prices together, as applicable, to arrive at a total price for the required equipment.

For multiple assemblies, alternative material specifications or for products not listed please contact us.

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The information within the price book is aimed solely at those who are familiar with the company’s products and pricing policy. Swegon Air Management Limited has taken every care in the preparation of the content of these pages. Swegon Air Management Limited shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials in this document. Note that a price discrepancy of + or - £0.01 per damper section may occur due to 'rounding up/down' when converting data across our computer platforms Please note that this spreadsheet version of the price book is programmed to time out at a future date embedded in the file (It gives warning 30 days prior). Swegon Air Management Limited reserve the right to terminate this price book at any earlier date, and in that event, do not undertake to give prior notification to all holders of the document/file.