MB120 - High Temperature Volume Control Damper

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MB120 - High Temperature Volume Control Damper

Key Features

430 and 316 Stainless Steel options. 

Rectangular and circular flanges.
Galvanised and 316 Stainless Steel options.
Standard and customer flange hole options.

Manual Quadrant Control.
Electrical Control.
Extended Spindle Control.

Tests and Approvals
Temperature Tested.
Corrosion Tested.
Vibration Tested.

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Designed for inclusion in ductwork


Actionair has for many years been associated in the design, development and manufacture of life safety equipment.

The HT VCD MB120 complements a comprehensive range of automatic fire and smoke dampers with their associated controls. These provide a complete solution for air conditioning and ventilation systems fire safety engineering strategies.


The standard 1.2mm galvanised steel flanged type casing, having a single penetration for the drive control, complies to Class A & B of Eurovent 2/2 and Test procedures for Classes A, B, and C of the HVCA Ductwork Specification DW144, at temperatures not exceeding 70?C.

Pre-punched bolt holes are provided as standard (refer to page 3). In addition stainless steel peripheral gasketting is included, which allows for expansion under high temperature conditions.

Casings manufactured in Type 1.4401 (316 grade) Austenitic stainless steel are available as an optional extra.

The Actionair HT VCD MB120 Damper has been:- Corrosion Tested to BS EN 60068-2-52, severity 2 conditions. (Report RLR.3). Vibration Tested to BS EN 60068- 2-6 (5Hz to 350Hz @ 2g). (Certificate H30/FTL 01701).

Contact the Actionair Sales Office for further details.


The Actionair HT VCD MB120 Volume Control Damper is constructed from galvanised steel 1.2mm thick, 40mm flanged, rectangular or circular casing, (316 stainless steel option available).

75mm interlocking 430 grade stainless steel aerodynamic blades, steel blade end bearings and 300 grade stainless steel peripheral gasketting (316 grade stainless steel blade and blade end bearings available).

The totally enclosed precise movement opposed blade drive is positioned out of the airstream for protection against damage and is hard wearing and free running.


DAMPER WIDTH 100 - 1000mm

DAMPER HEIGHT 100 -1000mm