IRIS Control - Measurement and Adjustment Damper


IRIS Control - Measurement and Adjustment Damper

Key Features

  • Quick and simple installation and maintenance
  • Extended spigot connections
  • 100% opening capacity
  • Low noise generation
  • Air tightness to DW144 Class C
  • Linear choking for simple operation
  • High accuracy and excellent adjustment properties

Please note: This product is currently undergoing development and may differ from the current catalogue.


Quick, silent and efficient is the simple summary of the features of the Actionair Iris Control Damper (ICD) for the adjustment and measuring of airflow. Quick and simple installation and maintenance. Balancing the airflow is normally a time consuming operation when commissioning a ventilation system. The linear choking characteristics of the Actionair Iris Control Damper (ICD), simplifies this operation.

Adjustment and measuring is carried out in the same operation, reducing the on site time to achieve correct airflow. The result is a permanent comfortable indoor climate. The Actionair ICD is delivered locked in the fully open position, facilitating pressure testing of the system. A graduated scale of 'K' factors is located on the outer edge of the damper so as not to be obscured by insulation and each damper is supplied with full mounting and adjustment instructions to make the installation quick and simple.

Every Actionair ICD is factory calibrated.

Extended spigot connections are a standard feature to avoid damage to the seal when riveting to ducting. 100% Opening capacity The ICD can be fully opened. Low Noise Generation The design of the adjustment function together with the geometry of the ICD, results in low noise generation under volume control. A conventional damper will increase the air velocity along the duct walls resulting in high generated noise under volume control.The 'Iris' aperture is close to ideal from a flow technology aspect. The Iris Control Damper (ICD) increases the air velocity with low levels of noise generation provided the instructions are followed in relation to the location of bends and junctions.


The ICD is manufactured to air tightness class C and can work equally well with the airflow in either direction, eliminating the risk of incorrect installation. The damper is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and is fitted with a rubber seal tested for air-tightness.


The Actionair ISD Iris Shut Off Damper, housed in a galvanised sheet steel casing with circular extended spigots for ease of duct connection. The simplicity of the Actionair ISD design with linear choking, provides quick and efficient airflow adjustment and measurement, low noise generation and more choking ability than Actionair ICD. When using the Actionair ISD we recommend the installation of the Actionair Access/Shield CDS Access Door with the unit.


The compact measurements of the Actionair ISD, are an advantage as space is often limited. Please see catalogue for damper sizing.



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