FireShield - 'E' Rated Curtain Bladed Fire Damper


FireShield - 'E' Rated Curtain Bladed Fire Damper

Key Features

• CE marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 15650
• Approved by LPCB and conforms to LPS1162 issue 4
• Fire tested to EN 1366-2
• Classified to EN 13501-3
• Corrosion tested to EN60068-2-52
• Tested Installation Method to suit Concrete/ Masonry Floors & Walls and Dry Walls
• Unique Self-Latching & removable thermal release mechanism cassette tested to ISO 10294-4
• Easy Single Handed Reset
• ASFP Grey book listed

CE Marked 'E' Rated Fire dampers used to prevent spread of fire maintaining compartmentation


The Actionair FireShield range of quality engineered dampers are suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

CE Marked

Following the introduction of the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) on the 1st July 2013, Actionair, a brand of Swegon Air Management Limited, offer a comprehensive range of CE marked fire dampers together with approved installation methods.

Under the CPR, manufacturers of construction products which are covered by harmonised European standards (hENs) are required to affix the CE mark and make a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for their products.

CE marked fire dampers must fully comply with the product standards: EN 15650:2010 Ventilation for Buildings - Fire Dampers and compliance is verified through assessment by a "Notified Body".

Spigotted Casing

The spigotted casing with continuously welded corners and spigot connections, makes these dampers suitable for inclusion into air distribution systems to the test methods of Eurovent Class A, B & C and HVCA Ductwork specification DW144.

These galvanised casings are manufactured with either Square, Rectangular, Circular or Flat Oval duct connections.


The Type 1.4016 (430) Ferritic Stainless Steel folding blade curtain, providing maximum strength, form a fire shield. The wide profile blades maximise the damper free area and ensure compact grouping to minimise blade stacking height.

Optional blade construction Type 1.4401 (316) Austenitic Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Closure Springs Stainless Steel constant tension springs are fitted and positioned out of the airstream to close and latch the damper, regardless of vertical or horizontal operation.


Fire Shield, CE Marked 'E' Rated Fire Dampers with stainless steel folding curtain housed within a galvanised steel outer casing with continuously welded corners and spigot connections comply with DW 144 class A B and C. The Fire Dampers to include a release cassette with memory metal spring, which will release the damper at 72 dec C, the cassette shall also be self-latching reset. Fitted with an external visual indication of the damper curtain.

Fire dampers shall comply with EN 15650 fire tested to BS EN 1366-2 classified to EN 13501-3. Dampers shall be approved by the LPCB certification scheme.

Fire dampers to be complete with factory fitted appropriate installation system, suitable for masonry wall, concrete floor or dry wall partition. (as specified)

Fire dampers to be type Fire/Shield as manufactured by Actionair.

Fire/Shield Dampers are designed for application in normal dry filtered air systems. If exposed to fresh air intakes and/or inclement conditions the damper should be subject to a planned inspection programme. Any specialists and/or aggressive applications (e.g. swimming pools) may invalidate our warranty, please refer to Actionair Sales Office.

All Fire/Shield Dampers should be tested by competent persons on completion of the installation and at regular intervals not exceeding two years.

Spring operated fire dampers should be tested annually and fire dampers situated in dust laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at intervals suited to the degree of pollution.


For Ducts 100 - 1250mm wide by 1000mm high or Ducts 100mm - 1000mm diameter

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