Hydropac Fancoil


Hydropac Fancoil

Key Features

  • Rigid Construction
  • Eco Friendly low energy fans
  • Low noise levels
  • Variable speed
  • Minimal fan heat
  • Instant adjustment to environment changes.


Benefit of the Hydropac

  • Have ONE company responsible for the whole package, fan coils and controls. They understand the system and work better together.

  • Greatly reduces lead time of production from factory to site.

  • No requirement for co-ordination between controls company and fan coil manufacturer saving time and additional cost.

  • Reduce total installation costs as units are commissioned by up to 70% before going to site.

  • One-stop-shop, complete solution available including valves, actuators and sensors.

  • No special tools required for applications saving installation time.

  • No special software tools needed. Reducing commissioning time, resulting in cost savings.

  • Selection program allows you to make instant design and performance decisions to your needs.

  • Line voltage powered, which does not require any additional transformer and does not incur additional wiring costs.

  • Provide a plug and play fan coil and control solution that removes the need for traditional water flow commissioning measurement, which saves capital cost.


Stop shop


Of Installation Costs Reduced

EVW 230 Series

For Vertical Applications

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 09.04.17.png

A vertical chassis (for builders enclosure) or cased (available when 2 port or 4 port) and with fundamental dimensions, materials and operating characteristics similar to the horizontal unit, the image shows the 4 port valved chassis.

Case Options & Mounting Arrangements

The installation requirements for wall mounted vertical units are largely the same as for horizontal units, as described on page 9.

Casing finish is RAL9010 or RAL 9001/ BS 10B15 leatherette powder coating. The grille is silver.

Condensate pumps are available for the vertical unit (in-chassis mounted) and for the horizontal unit (remote/ under unit mounted). The noise that may be created by the intermittent operation of a condensate pump is not included in the fan coil acoustic analysis/ selection. Universal peristaltic high lift, reciprocating high fl ow, and mini pumps are available, full details on application.

EHW230 Series

For Horizontal Applications

Actionair Hydropac horizontal ceiling void mounted fan coils are waterside control suitable for operation against moderate duct resistances, using chilled water cooling and low pressure hot water heating media.

• The EHW230 chassis is 230mm deep and available in four widths from 600-1700mm.

Two control options are available:

• Modulating 2 or 4 port valves with standalone/addressable terminal unit controller and air sensors. This option can be confi gured by the installer, without the need of a PC/software tool, using onboard dip switches. A range of compatible wallmount room controllers are available. It has BACnet integration.

• PICV Remote commission full valve set with continuous water fl ow measurement for ongoing monitor/ report/adjust. Flushing bypass and isolation also provided as a plug and play installation. Operated by BACnet controller, with two air temperature sensors.

Energy Efficient Fan coil Motors

Fan coil units are available in four widths, all containing one to four individual fan motor assemblies that use the latest technology to provide low energy consumption and great performance, with very low noise levels.

The low energy EC external rotor motor technology means that at low speeds they have high efficiency against a traditional motor, reducing the power required.

As the motors are cold running there is a 50% increase in the motor operating life.

Hydropac EC energy usage easily meets the stringent Part L 2013 requirement of 0.5 W/(l/s) (watts per litre per second) of air delivered,and in most cases will be well below 0.35 W/(l/s).

Our on-site Swegon R&D Academy provides state of the art facilities for the complete Swegon range of products, thus enabling us to assess a series of different variants and room conditions to establish the specific fan power for the fan coil model selection.

Product Documents

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