ActionPac LNS4 - Damper control and monitoring system

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ActionPac LNS4 - Damper control and monitoring system

Key Features

One of the most important tasks is performed by the automatic smoke and fire dampers that are incorporated into HVAC systems. In an emergency they must close immediately to contain the smoke and fire and prevent their spread through the ducting or open immediately to allow smoke extraction to take place.

The Actionpac LNS4 system represents the latest evolution of damper control.


The system has been designed with the user in mind, providing an advanced tool that simplifies installation and commissioning of dampers and peripheral devices. The embedded panel PC operates on an embedded platform and utilises solid state technology for optimum reliability.

It's server architecture delivers benefits such as reduced commissioning time, simplified operation and scope for future growth and flexibility.

The Actionpac LNS4 system is designed to protect life and property from damage caused by smoke and fire, by providing the means to:?

Compartmentalise fire zones. Reduce the spread of smoke and fire. Keep escape routes and fire-fighting access open. Allow pressurisation and smoke extract by combined operation of dampers and fans. Allows complex strategies (cause and effect).


Dampers control panels are standard manufacture.


The Actionair Actionpac LNS4 System consists of a 12 inch embedded panel PC, UPS and pre-loaded software. The system communicates with damper interfaces to provide intelligent control and monitoring of motorised dampers and monitoring of manual fire dampers.

The data network cabling enables substantial reduction in costs when compared with conventional systems. Digital input/output devices can be accommodated on the network cable or located within the panel enclosure.

The embedded panel PC is supplied with Actionair Actionpac LNS4 software and operates on an embedded platform, which is extremely user friendly. The server architecture delivers benefits such as flexibility, reduced commissioning time, ease of configuration, simplified operation, future system growth, full diagnostics for system and device integration along with optional automatic scheduled damper testing.


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