We are preferred suppliers for the NHS procurement framework ProCure22

Swegon's Actionair full range of smoke and fire dampers and associated control packages have passed the rigorous selection process to become part of the P22 programme, which was created to help NHS Trusts and other social care providers achieve value for money and efficient delivery of new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects.

Actionair have a deep understanding and vast, practical experience working on large hospital projects. This ensures we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution working with both the consulting engineer and hospital facility manager.

It is a big responsibility to be charged with delivering a critical life-safety service for the long-term benefit of NHS staff and patients, but it is one we are happy to take on.

It is important to go the extra mile when carrying out this kind of work and, by providing two-year warranties backed up by robust technical support and ongoing maintenance, we can deliver a service tailored for the particular needs of the NHS.

Fire safety in hopsitals

The way dampers are controlled plays a vital role in keeping sleeping areas and escape routes clear of smoke.
— David Harding, Regional Sales Manger (North)

Fire safety is a high priority for all NHS estates managers and there is now even greater scrutiny of fire risk strategies following the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the subsequent public inquiry.

As a result, strict guidelines have been applied to the sourcing, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of smoke and fire dampers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Fire dampers in hospitals

Dampers are designed to close immediately in the event of a fire to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ducting or open when needed to enable smoke extraction. 

Control systems

The way dampers are controlled plays a vital role in keeping sleeping areas and escape routes clear of smoke and allowing access for fire-fighters.

Intelligent damper control systems are particularly important in hospitals where a complete evacuation is always a last resort...

It is essential, therefore, that dampers are properly specified as part of the overall fire safety strategy and are supported with full commissioning; a comprehensive service and maintenance programme; and an addressable control system. 

Automatic Testing

Intelligent control systems (such as our Actionpac LNS4 panel) will also enable automatic damper scheduling, testing and logging - something which can not only contribute to reduced disruption in wards but also gives peace of mind to ensure proper damper operation.

What can Actionair offer P22 customers?


Warranty and service packages

We also offer NHS Trusts a two-year extended warranty period on all of its damper products along with preventative maintenance packages, which involve regular ‘health checks’ to ensure systems are continuing to work properly and in line with the design intent.

We have a large national team of commissioning engineers to support its products and encourage and facilitate pre-commissioning meetings with other members of the supply chain.


Technical advice and support

Actionair have been selected because of our market leading position and robust product testing regime backed up by high levels of customer support.

We have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market through good understanding of the building regulations and Healthcare Technical Memoranda (HTM) standards that dictate the design of healthcare building services. 

Case Studies

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