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— Andrew Collard, BU Director, Smoke & Fire Solutions

Do you know your maintenance obligations under BS 9999?

All fire dampers must be tested by a competent person after they have been installed and at regular intervals not exceeding two years.

If you have had spring-operated fire dampers (FireShield) installed in your ducting, then you will need to have these tested at least every 12 months or even more frequently if they are installed in an area that is affected by high levels of dust or pollution. All dampers used in hospitals must also be tested every twelve months.

You must ensure that your fire dampers are repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty. It is highly recommended that you create a maintenance plan to help you budget and schedule repairs, ensuring your fire dampers remain in a fully working condition.

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Services Offered

Services we offer for mechanical fire dampers:

  • Locating and identifying fire dampers

  • Drop testing the fire damper to ensure its correct functionality

  • Resetting the fire damper

  • Photographing each fire damper

  • Placing and identifying tag to identify most recent test date

  • Providing a comprehensive report with photographic evidence of each fire damper drop test

  • Identifying all remedial works that may be required and quoting to fix same

Services we offer for automatic fire dampers and control systems

  • Annual preventative maintenance visits

  • Maintenance reports provided after each visit

  • Analyse communications

  • Check UPS & system logs to ensure no outstanding actions

  • Replace UPS battery every 3 years

  • Check whether staff have experienced any problems

  • Operate all smoke/fire dampers, where permitted

  • Repair of defective items during visit, if possible

  • Simulate all system inputs, confirm and check outputs, where permitted

  • Software upgrades

  • Support from our in house engineers via telephone, email or fax

  • Update training, if required

  • Warranty for additional equipment fitted

Maintenance Packages




Panel inspection only

  • No physical inspection of dampers
  • Should be combined with seperate maintenace plan to meet BS9999
  • Digital exports as evidence only
  • Optional Remote Monitoring and scheduled email reporting.




Per automatic damper/month

  • 50% Physical inspection of all dampers annually
  • Meets requirements of BS9999
  • Photographic evidence of maintenance
  • Optional Remote Monitoring and scheduled email reporting.
Most popular

Safe ++



Per automatic damper/month

  • 100% Physical inspection of all dampers annually
  • Exceeds BS9999 requirements and ideal for hospitals and areas with sleeping risks
  • Photographic evidence of maintenance
  • Optional Remote Monitoring and scheduled email reporting.

Swegon Service price all projects on a project/site basis. The above pricing packages are examples based on three ACTIONPAC LNS panels at a single site, with a minimum of 25 fire and smoke dampers all connected to dedicated ACTIONPAC intelligent damper control panels with adequate access to service at least 25 dampers per day. Please contact us for a quote/site survey to get an accurate costing.

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