CE Marking & Third Party Certification.

Certain European member states, including the UK & Ireland, have until now chosen not to make CE marking mandatory for products sold within their boundaries, despite the fact that under the Construction Products.

Directive (CPD) it has been mandatory to ‘CE’ mark construction products placed on the European market. In 2011 the CPD was replaced by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which does not allow any member state to ‘opt out’ of mandatory CE marking. Consequently, from 1st July 2013 the CPR states that all products that fall within scope of Harmonised European Standards (hENs) will have to be CE marked.

The installation methods contained within this manual are third party tested or assessed, and certified, by our Notified Body (LPCB), as prescribed within the CPR.

The message is simple from 1st July 2013, ensure that every product specified is properly certified (CE marked) and installed correctly. It is also important to be wary or avoid products that use phrases such as designed to meet and complies with, the key word to look out for is certification.

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