Winfield House, the American Ambassador's Official London Residence

Actionair Fancoil units are helping to provide discrete air-conditioned comfort for the American Ambassador's official London residence. Standing in 12 acres of Regent's Park, Winfield House is situated in the heart of London, but could be deep in the country. At night the only sound to disturb the silence in the grounds is the occasional nocturnal cry from nearby London zoo.

The 36-room house was built for Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton in 1936. Ten years later, at the end of World War II she offered the house to the US government for the token price of $1, on the condition that it would be used as the official residence of the American Ambassador to London.

A £7 million refurbishment of the infrastructure and services has recently been carried out at Winfield House, including completely new mechanical and electrical services specified by Gifford and Partners of Oxford.

Hydropac Fancoil Units

Actionair's Hydropac Fancoil Units now provide heating and cooling in the Ambassador's quarters and offices. The units, supplied in vertical chassis form, are located within architectural cabinets which have a special design to integrate perfectly with the many features of the house, including the furniture, paintings and exquisite green Chinese wallpaper in the Garden Room.

A rugged, heavy-duty construction is an integral feature of the Hydropac design. A chassis of 1.2mm galvanised steel and fan decks and back plates of 1.6mm ensure durability.

Noise and Temperature Control

Noise levels from each Fancoil unit are contained to an absolute minimum by meticulous balancing of impeller/motor assembly, resilient mounting of the fans and insulation of the integral discharge plenum.

Temperature control of each Hydropac unit is carried out by means of modulating 4 port diverting valves and actuators operated via a BMS temperature controller and return air sensor.

Fine Adjustment

As with all of the Actionair Fancoil units, Hydropac models offer the unique feature of 'fine adjustment' fan speed regulation which enables an accurate match of output to space requirements during on-site commissioning. A 9-step transformer with pure sine wave control in conjunction with a choice of 3 fan speeds provides a choice of 27 different settings. This ensures minimum energy consumption by matching the precise system requirements in each location.

Cover photo by U.S. Department of State CC