Actionair provides hospital with life safety systems

A newly built hospital in Manchester for a private healthcare group opened at the beginning of the year, with the £65m cutting edge development containing 6 operating theatres, 76 patient beds and 23 outpatient consulting and treatment rooms. The four-storey hospital was designed by consultants, staff and patients as part of an ambitious plan to transform the city into a global capital for healthcare. 

Actionair has provided the hospital with 344 CSS ‘ES’ rated Circular Fire/Smoke Dampers, complete with ActionPac LNS4 Damper Control and Monitoring Systems to form part of the complex fire safety systems throughout the hospital’s operating theatres, patient recovery wards and general areas.

These dampers are designed to protect life and property from damage caused by smoke and fire. In the case of an emergency, the fully-integrated life safety system plays an extremely important role; the automatic smoke and fire dampers that are incorporated into the system must close immediately to contain smoke and fire and prevent their spread. Working with the client, Actionair engineers were able to assist in interpreting the complex cause and effect requirements, and then programme the system to ensure that in the case of a fire, the control panel directs particular dampers to close in the affected zones of the building. Engineers have designed the system with the user in mind, providing an innovative tool that has a simple means of installation and operation.


The ActionPac LNS4 seamlessly integrates with the building management system. It has been designed to include an embedded panel EC, which is able to communicate with damper interfaces and provide intelligent control and monitoring of smoke and fire dampers. It also provides the end client and facilities management teams with a central point from which all the dampers can be tested on a regular basis.

The design of the building means such systems needed to fit into a relatively small space for the number of inputs required to build these complex structures. Actionair was able to adapt its LNS4 control panel by installing a separate Input/Output panel within the hospital’s server room. Thus, interfacing with the fire alarm panel could be achieved without impacting on the space available where the main panel was to be sited. This meant that the main panel could be smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.

IO Panel Internal (Remote for PC).jpg
Bank of DI804s.jpg
Remote PC Control Panel.jpg

The modern, state-of-the-art hospital has been supplied with Actionair’s advanced products to offer the building, its staff and patients the highest level of protection in the case of a fire. Click here to find out more about the wide range of dampers created by Actionair to cater to a variety of installation requirements.