Actionair products providing fire safety solution to football club stadium

An iconic football club stadium in Liverpool is currently being redeveloped, as part of a £260m scheme for the stadium and the surrounding area. We have been involved in Phase I of the regeneration, which has extended the Main Stand by an extra 13,000 seats in time for the start of the 2016-17 season.

Actionair SmokeShield PTC™ dampers and LNS4 control systems have been fitted in the stadium to form part of the new section’s fire safety system and protect the stadium and its occupants in the event of a fire.

Effective fire and smoke protection

The CE marked and ‘ES’ rated SmokeShield automatic fire/smoke dampers have been engineered to stop the spread of fire quickly and effectively by interfacing directly with the building's fire alarm systems.

The dampers also have a distinctive snaplock™ drive interface, ensuring a user-friendly connection to the control modes which operate the SmokeShield.

Intelligent fire safety control and monitoring

The LNS4 panel commands particular dampers to close in affected zones during a fire, by communicating with control modes to provide intelligent control and monitoring of the SmokeShield dampers. It also means that all of the dampers can be tested remotely on a regular basis, adhering to the updated building regulations from January 2017 which have made it obligatory for fire dampers to be tested annually.

Developed with the user in mind

It is often difficult for dampers to be accessed. Whilst a control panel does not fully replace a visual inspection, it significantly reduces downtime. This lessens the impact on a busy stadium that requires as little disruption as possible. Our Actionair engineers have designed the system with the user in mind, providing an innovative tool that has a simple means of installation and operation.

Since the Main Stand has reopened, many events other to football matches have been held at the stadium, including the annual CIBSE Liverpool and North Wales Luncheon, an event that is attended by a representative from Actionair every year.

Continued expansion

Due to the success of the first phase of the redevelopment, the stadium continues to expand to improve the facilities on site for the interest and safety of its visitors. At the end of this second phase of the expansion, the capacity of the stadium will be increased to approximately 61,000 spectators and will make it the 2nd largest club stadium in the country!