5 reasons why our NHS ProCure22 accreditation will benefit your project

Our range of smoke and fire dampers and associated control packages have passed the rigorous selection process to become part of the NHS procurement framework, ProCure22 (P22).

What is ProCure22?

P22 was created to help NHS Trusts and other social care providers achieve value for money and efficient delivery of new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects. It is intended to streamline the procurement process and to ensure that suppliers of equipment and services to the NHS work in collaboration to improve efficiency and productivity while also driving up the quality of healthcare facilities across the country in line with government policy.

What will Actionair bring to your project?

1. In-depth knowledge of the healthcare market

We have a good understanding of the building regulations and Healthcare Technical Memoranda (HTM) standards that dictate the design of healthcare building services.

2. An NHS tailored service

We provide two-year warranties backed up by technical support and ongoing maintenance and can therefore deliver a service tailored for the particular needs of the NHS.

3. Market-leading position

We have been recognised as market leader in the UK for the manufacture of fire, smoke and air control products and have over 40 years of product development and expertise.

4. Robust product testing regime

Certified life safety is the ultimate motivation behind our ongoing research, development and testing programmes. Not only does every single one of our products meet the latest European standards and regulations, the depth of research and testing that goes into its design and manufacture ensures that the great majority exceed those legislative demands.

5. High levels of customer support

We go the extra mile to not only manufacture and supply life safety products, but to also educate you and help you with planning and delivering a successful project.

Our CPD seminar ‘No Smoke Without Fire’ has already been extremely popular with consultants, engineers and contractors. It teaches you about best practice for design, specification and application of fire safety products.

We also offer support for developing a cause and effect for dampers, to help you write clear, useful documents that work.