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Designed to save lives

Our fire, smoke and air control products, including a full range of fire dampers, volume control dampers, fire/smoke dampers and control systems are designed to save lives. We have successfully fulfilled this daunting brief without faltering once in over 40 years…

Not only does every single one of our products meet the latest European standards and regulations, the depth of research and testing that goes into its design and manufacture ensures that the great majority exceed those legislative demands.

Why is it so important that you test fire dampers?

Correct maintenance of fire dampers is essential to guarantee that they will properly operate in the event of a fire. You must ensure fire dampers are tested regularly and in accordance with regulations and ...

The Life Safety Blog

In this section, you will get advice from our experts on a range of subject areas within the fire industry, including tips and tricks and topical developments in the industry, including laws and regulations and how to install fire safety products safely and efficiently. We work with consultants, engineers and contractors to develop solutions for controlling smoke within buildings, such as hospitals, large mixed-use offices and tower blocks.

Reference Projects

Many have chosen Actionair and seen first hand how our knowledge, experience and expertise have solved technical challenges, overcome on-site difficulties and have utilised our support to design and build a solution up to the task of saving buildings and lives.

Our references are proof that we deliver and are chosen time and time again…

Actionair products providing fire safety solution to football club stadium

An iconic football club stadium in Liverpool is currently being redeveloped, as part of a £260m scheme for the stadium and the surrounding area. We have been involved in Phase I of the regeneration, which has ...