A-60 Marine Damper Series

A60 Marine Damper - The A-60 Marine Fire Damper compliments the comprehensive range of automatic fire and smoke dampers and associated controls, provides the complete solution for shipboard air conditioning and ventilation systems fire safety engineering strategies.

Lloyds Register of Shipping Approval to IMO Fire Test Procedures Code, Annex 1, Part 3.

The Actionair A60 range fulfils all the requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED). In addition, under the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) it fulfils all the requirements of the United States Coastguard (USCG).

The A60 range is available in galvanised mild steel or stainless steel materials and is generally more compact and lighter than units traditionally meeting the MED that are supplied by other manufacturers.

All actuators offered have been fire tested in conjunction with the dampers during certification.

The units are tested and approved for class A-60 divisions (bulkheads and decks) with a minimum length as per brochure.


The “Wheelmark”, showing the MED and USCG certificate numbers

Actionair uses Lloyds as a notified body for the A-60 Marine Damper product. This means that Lloyds regularly inspect our products and our manufacturing procedures to ensure that we manufacture the product in line with the tests that Actionair have undertaken. They also hold details of any assessments we may have on the product that have been agreed by them.

The products have full Module B EC type examination approval, backed up by Module D Procedural Quality assurance Approval. This means that the “Wheelmark” may be applied, giving you complete peace of mind in using a fully tested, fully certificated, life safety product that meets all the requirements of the MED.


100 x 100 – 1000 x 1000 (Single section), 1580 x 750 (multiple sections)

For other multiple sections, please contact the sales office


Having certification to the MED means that by law the product is universally acceptable across Europe. Further certification from other notified or legislative bodies is not necessary. The whole concept of the MED is to remove this potential barrier to trade, i.e. providing that certification has been provided by a notified body, products may be offered for sale throughout the EU. In this way, the “Wheelmark” is similar to the CE marking in other areas of product supply.

If you still have problems with a client or perhaps meeting a specification, the above should be pointed out to a client or customer. If this still proves difficult, the specific Certifying Organisation or Legislative Body whose approval is required should be approached directly with the explanation that the product proposed is “Wheelmarked”. If this still does not work, then the matter should be taken further with a trading standards or local government officer.

Similarly, Having USCG approval under the MRA means that the product is universally acceptable across the United States and the world for vessels needing USCG approved products to be used in their construction.


24V(ac or dc), 120V(ac), 230V(ac), pneumatic options - To prevent damage in transit, the actuators are shipped separately, but have a special interface to allow them to be fitted to the dampers very simply.

A60 Marine Fire Damper


A-60 Marine  - Catalogue

A-60 Marine Fire Damper - Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions 359kb

A-60 Marine Schischek Fire Damper - Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions 489kb

A-60 Marine Pneumatic Fire Damper - Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions 789kb


Marine Equipment Directive (MARED)



Germanischer Lloyds A60 Certificate


Marine Mist Eliminators

A range of mist eliminators for marine applications has been developed from the NACO range of Storm Louvres. They are suitable for such applications as engine air intake louvres are up to 98% efficient.

They are robustly constructed form aluminium extrusions and may be made to drain outwards or in to an integral sump for bilge collection.


Marine Mist Eliminator datasheet

Marine Mist Eliminator – Performance chart

Naco louvres, Mist Eliminator

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